Camera’s in downtown Huntington Beach

Officials in Huntington Beach are currently debating on installing several high-definition surveillance cameras throughout the city.  The popular tourist attraction is a hotspot for alcohol-related crimes and thefts, and as police numbers drop, some feel that security cameras may help to cut down on crime.

But some feel that surveillance cameras would be an invasion of privacy.  City Councilman Matthew Harper said, “When the government is coming in and placing cameras all about a public area, that’s a Big Brother world that I’m not interested in being a part of.”

But Huntington Beach Police Sergeant Jim Katapodi feels that cameras absolutely deter crime, and in his experience, law-abiding citizens have nothing to worry about.

As surveillance cameras continue to pop up all across the country, more and more citizens are claiming invasion of privacy.  It will be interesting to see how the courts decide on these rulings but as of now, they seem to be letting public surveillance prevail.

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