Very often, people do not always fully understand exactly what a video or audio forensic expert actually does. Most likely you’ve seen the prime time television shows like CSI or NSIS, and although it’s easy to buy into the glamour surrounding the work that forensic professionals do, our job doesn’t quite resemble a television show. Ok, honestly, it doesn’t resemble a television show at all.

At Forensic Media Expert, we can help you get the results you are looking for out of your recorded audio or video evidence. We are a nationally-recognized forensic digital media enhancement service that is accredited by the State Bar of California, and we do everything from basic video editing and simple enhancements, such as adjusting brightness or cleaning up audio, to courtroom presentations and expert witness testimony. We are located in Los Angeles, California, but are prepared to, and often do, work cases across the country. In some instances we have been the experts in cases around the world.

Why do you need a forensic video expert? Most people assume their audio or video evidence is sufficient as it stands. However, most often this is not the case. But if you have a team like ours on your side, here are some of the video and audio enhancement services you can expect:

  • Professional digital analysis and video enhancement. Almost always, existing video might not be as good as it can be, and with our services, you will be able to enjoy even better evidence than you could have hoped for to help you fight your case. We can handle all types of video evidence to give it the best presentation quality, including finding critical scenes and making stills so that you have better evidence to present to the court.
  • Audio enhancement, cleanup, and correction. Audio files are sometimes hard to work with, but we will help with cleaning bad audio so that it is useful in your case, no matter what type of audio it might be.
  • Forensic video expert witness testimony. Not only will you have the best evidence, but you’ll have professional experts there to back it up and explain its importance to the court. You can get everything that you need in one place, making it easier for you to focus on things that matter while we take care of the details.

There are so many things you can gain from having a forensic video expert on your side. From traditional surveillance footage to personal videos and audio, we can work with editing and testifying on all types of media. Sometimes you or your attorney need an expert to help analyze, interpret, and understand evidence as give to you by the other side. When you are looking to give your case more credibility with audio and video evidence, having forensic professionals like us on your side can make all the difference.