Trial Testimony

When you are fighting any kind of legal battle, you need all the evidence and support that you can get. In the case of slip-and-fall and personal injury claims, expert witness testimony can make a substantial impact on both the judge and jury. In the area of video and audio forensics, we are your preferred choice for expert witness testimony, no matter what you have in mind.

Why use our expert forensic services? There are plenty of great reasons. Here are just a few things hiring experts can do for your case:

-Expert witnesses work – Whether it is a jury trial or a small civil case, the bottom line is that people respect professionals. We can represent the facts in a clear, accurate manner that will help get things straight for people with ease. We can put things in perspective and explain it in a manner that ensures your point is made.

-Expert testimony can be¬†utilized¬†by anyone, in any case – While a lot of people see shows like “Law & Order” and other crime dramas and assume that expert witnesses are reserved for murder or other serious cases, this is the real world, and civil cases, including personal injury claims, stand to gain a lot of support from having expert testimony on hand. Audio and video experts can be utilized in more cases than you may initially think!

-We can provide more than just testimony in court – Our forensic video and audio experts also provide you with editing, analyzing and enhancement services, as well as other assistance for your digital media evidence. That way, we can be involved from start to finish to make sure that you get the most use from your physical evidence as possible, no matter what type of case you are fighting.

-More cases are won when expert testimony is present – If you’re in any kind of legal battle, your goal is to win the case. Statistics have shown that any legal case that has expert witness testimony is more likely to be resolved in favor of whoever has the expert testimony on their side, and we’re not just telling you that so that you’ll hire us! It’s been proven.

There are a lot of different benefits to having our forensic video and audio experts on your side in a slip and fall or personal injury case. If you have any type of digital media evidence, we can give you the backup and testimony that you need for a better chance at success. We are located in Los Angeles, CA, but travel all over the US to appear in court.