Mock Trials

In order to prepare our clients for what they can expect in court, Forensic Media Expert often records video footage of scenarios to help simulate upcoming trials. We also write official reports on the materials and details we uncovered while investigating, analyzing and enhancing the audio and video evidence we are given, giving you more than one way to utilize our expert testimony in your case. Not to mention, when the time comes, our courtroom presentations will help you prove to the judge and jury that your case is valid and that you are in the right.

Our digital media forensic enhancement services will take care of everything from start to finish. We often use DVD and VHS, as well as audio files, and complete all of the necessary editing, analysis, enhancement and preparation to ensure that the evidence you have for your case is at the best possible quality it can be. With better media you get better results. It’s all about giving you the tools to have the best outcome, which is exactly why we provide professional video expert solutions for all types of slip and fall and personal injury cases.