Video Depositions

A video deposition can be a powerful tool in court. With video, the emotional state of the speaker is more apparent. A jury can see if the speaker is hesitating or trying to conceal a lie – these subtleties are not available in the form of a transcription or written statement. Statements become increasingly difficult to contradict in trial when a person’s body language and voice inflection from a video clearly illustrate a story. As cameras and video evidence grow more prominent in the justice process, the importance of quality and clarity within a video deposition becomes critical.

Forensic Media Expert has the tools to create crisp, clean, and professionally edited video depositions. We meet on location with high-definition cameras and provide both raw footage and edited DVDs with a menu and chapters to play in court. We are also available to testify in court,  as the Federal Court of Los Angeles has certified our Expert Witness team.

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