Personal Injury

Personal injury claims are sometimes a “he said/she said” battle of who can make a better case for what actually happened. If you have access to any type of evidence that can help you prove your case, your chances at success will be that much better. Even something as simple as reconstruction can give you a bit more of an upper hand so that you can get the outcome that you deserve. However, if you do have access to video, audio, or other types of media, you can rely on us to help you with audio and video analysis, enhancement, court testimony, courtroom presentations, and more

For many people fighting a trip and fall case, the use of video evidence in court is what gives their case the support that it needs. Even if the digital file or DVD quality is poor, our image processing solutions can enhance and improve the media so that it is presentable and easy to use to prove your case in a courtroom setting. We will be happy to analyze, edit, recreate scene of crime, provide expert testimony, or do anything else that you need with media evidence in your personal injury or slip and fall case.

You can go into a personal injury case without professional media experts like us on your side. However, when you have the evidence and you want to make sure that it’s the most useful that it can possibly be, that’s where we come in. Whether you need just one or a variety of our services, we are always here to help. Plus, our expert testimony comes from court certified audio and video forensic expert that has been accredited by the State Bar of California, allowing you to trust that you are working with the best. Never go into a slip and fall case hoping for the best, because with media experts and audio/video evidence, you have the peace of mind of knowing you have a strong case. We are based in Los Angeles but work on cases across the country.

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