Audio/Video Enhancement

When you have video or audio evidence for a legal case, it too commonly occurs that an attorney will just accept it as evidence without closer review. However, most cases involving audio, video or still images benefit from careful enhancement and scrutiny…┬áso that it can serve you better in court. That’s where we come in. Our team of forensic video and audio experts are going to be able to help with all of your editing needs.

Our forensic media lab is designed to offer services such as:

  • low light enhancement
  • dark scene correction
  • voice analysis
  • filter sounds
  • cleaning bad audio
  • restoration of damaged media
  • slow motion
  • timelapse correction
  • highlighting
  • masking identity
  • image stabilization
  • voice identification
  • suspect identification
  • frame by frame analysis
  • standard video editing
  • timeline mapping
  • height estimation
  • recreate crime scene

We will take our time to work through all of your media evidence to give it better clarity, find information that you need, enhance images and sounds to provide stronger resources for your case, and more. We have been doing professional media forensics for years, and are accredited by the State Bar of California in our area of expertise.

What’s more is that we can work with all types of footage and media. Whether you have digital camera footage, security camera footage, photos, audio recordings, or any other type of media that can give you assistance in your legal case, we can handle it. Give us the chance to show you just what we can do with your evidence so that you can have a better chance of success in all of your legal battles.

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